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Wizard of Oz, Photo by Richard Jones

Chrycka Harper, Poet & Literary Critic Last Modified: 02:10 a.m. DST, 17 December 2013 Toto, Toto Where am I? I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. My footsteps lead us here: But what is here? I heard we are at the Mecca But our leader is leaving and creativity has gone missing. I heard we […]

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United States Takes Steps towards a Syrian Intervention



Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, Photo by James Gordon

Jessamy Nichols, Africa Correspondent Last Modified: 01:35 a.m. DST, 28 August 2013 SYRIA – As was posted a few days ago, the situation in Syria has worsened as reports of larger and more deadly chemical weapon attacks emerge. The UN sent in investigators to inspect and report back on the damage and death toll, but […]

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Obama Weighs in on Zimmerman Verdict



Protester at Trayvon Martin Murder Rally, NY, Photo by Michael Fleshman

Jessica Tanner, Staff Writer Last Modified: 01:18 a.m. DST, 18 August 2013 SANFORD, Florida – Shortly after a Florida jury acquitted a white man of murdering a black youth in cold blood, President Barack Obama expressed his views on the controversial verdict of the Trayvon Martin Case. Obama stated, “Trayvon Martin could have been me […]

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Students Accused of “Devil Worship” in Jordan



Handwritten Qur'an, Photo by Manitoon

Alex Hamasaki, Student Intern Last Modified: 11:16 a.m. DST, 28 March 2013 BEIRUT, JORDAN – Human Rights Watch (HRW) calls for the release of five Al al-Bayt university students who are accused of desecrating the Quran and engaging in devil worship. The students were accused of ripping and burning Quran manuscripts while performing a “religious […]

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The Vagaries of Fame | Melissa King Porn Scandal



Doll Beauty Contestant Queen, Photo by Cholo Ayuyao

Patrice Ellerbe, Staff Writer Last Modified: 00:32 a.m. EDT, 8 March 2013 USA – The production company responsible for surfacing the pornographic video of ex-beauty queen Melissa King, the former Miss Delaware Teen USA, has released the video of King reading a legal release on camera before her explicit sex acts. According to ABC News, […]

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