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Lost in the Machine | Metropolis



Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" 1927

We must not define ourselves by freedom from religion, from abuse, from rape, from derision. From societal norms, from conformance, from acceptable compliance. From race, from the accident of geographical happenstance of birth or of life whether lived extraordinarily or pedestrian, with unsung aplomb, or within the rarefied strata of the new minted pantheon of ‘celebrity’ deities.

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Francis Picabia | Surrealist Painter



Francis Picabia Painting 2

Surrealist paintings are some of my favorite and I have featured in this blog the paintings of Rene Magritte, Salvadore Dali, and Max Ernst. This post features the work of Francis Picabia who painted in a wide range of styles from realism to abstraction.

Picabia produced a large body of work that employed biomorphic forms, geometric abstraction and colors of Impressionism. Like other Impressionist artists he often used thick paint to build up a broad abstract background.

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The Carnivore’s Table




Traversing the country by car is an American pastime. Now in times of economic hardship, more people are rediscovering the natural wonders this mammoth country has to offer. I love to drive, and when I lived in Florida, would regularly travel from East to West coast. From Miami to Clearwater, Tampa or St. Pete’s, the flat expanse complimented the big sky in ways magical and hard to explain. I fell in love with Florida’s dusk and dawn skies and their color palettes the defy description.

Then there were times when I chose to take roads less traveled through small towns abutting glades or coast, wherein I witnessed the contents of this poem.

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Amaranthine Loveliness




Women of all ethnic backgrounds, experiences, physiognomy and sexual preference are a wonder to behold. This video pulls you into the eternal flow of the mysteries that lie beneath the mysterious facades with sagacious eyes. Best said by Isak Dinesen, “the entire being of a woman is a secret that should be kept.”

We shall never know the secrets these women held, but we can ponder or project, as women, as children, as husbands and lovers our temporal secrets onto these women of amaranthine loveliness.

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Faces of Brazil | Gabriel Wickbold



Gabriel Wickbold, Photographer (Faces of Brazil) (Old Woman)

Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-Chief Last Modified: 22:50 PM EDT, 27 December 2009 SAO PAULO, Brazil – Gabriel Wickbold is a young Brazilian Photographer whose images are intriguing and captivating. This post features his ‘Faces of Brasileiros’ series. Related articles Putumayo Celebrates Carnival in Rio with Brazilian Beat ( Totalmente Brasileiro ( Carnaval Brasileiro Austin 2012 ( […]

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