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NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Scheduled for Crash-Landing



Orbitting the Moon, Photo by Pocket Pixie

Sarah Joanne Jakubowski, Contributing Journalist Last Modified: 16:44 p.m. DST, 09 April 2014 Around Easter, NASA’s lunar orbiter is scheduled to complete its eight-month-long mission and crash on the moon. LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) finished both of its objectives — to gather information on the moon’s atmosphere and to shed light on […]

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Mauritius & The Case of the Stolen Island



Mauritius Island, Photo by Samovar Group

Jessamy Nichols, Africa Correspondent Last Modified: 18:40 p.m. DST, 6 March 2014 PORT LOUIS, Mauritius – If someone asked you to point out Mauritius on a map, would you be able to? Most would likely say they had no idea where the tiny island is located. Beyond that, most people also wouldn’t know that Mauritius […]

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Four Arrested for Bangladesh Factory Collapse



Bangladesh Factory Collapse, Rescuing Worker, Photo by Solidarity Center

Alex Hamasaki, Student Intern Last Modified: 01:50 DST, 29 April 2013 DHAKA, BANGLADESH – Two factory bosses and two engineers were arrested in Bangladesh on Saturday, three days after the collapse of a factory that created low-cost garments for Western brands. The death toll has risen to 350 with many more being found alive. As […]

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India Enacts Tougher New Anti-Rape Laws



Indian Flag over the Bangalore Vidhana Soudha

Alex Hamasaki, Student Intern Last Modified: 18:25 p.m. DST, 29 March 2013 INDIA – In response to the 2012 Delhi rape gang case, the government in India set up a panel called the Justice Verma Committee headed by a retired judge to recommend legal reform and other ways to reduce sexual violence, reports BBC. A […]

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The Demise of China’s Inhuman One Child Policy?


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China One Child Propaganda Poster, Photo by Tim Stelzer

Sam Hargadine, Contributor Last Modified: 16:04 p.m. DST, 19 March 2013 CHINA – As incomes rise, the fertility rate falls – or so says demographic trends. Unique to China though, this trend did not evolve naturally, it was mandated by the government. China’s one child policy was instituted in 1979 and has underdone modest reforms […]

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