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Cannibalism, Child Mutilations in Central African Republic


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Central African Child Peers through Wall, Photo by Pierre Holtz

Sarah Joanne Jakubowski, Contributing Journalist Last Modified: 00:49 a.m. DST, 31 March 2014 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, Africa — Violence among Christian and Muslim militias in the Central African Republic (CAR) remains alarmingly high. Despite intervention efforts, death and displacement continue. In this troubled environment, there have been reports of cannibalism as well as revenge-killings targeting […]

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Students Accused of “Devil Worship” in Jordan



Handwritten Qur'an, Photo by Manitoon

Alex Hamasaki, Student Intern Last Modified: 11:16 a.m. DST, 28 March 2013 BEIRUT, JORDAN – Human Rights Watch (HRW) calls for the release of five Al al-Bayt university students who are accused of desecrating the Quran and engaging in devil worship. The students were accused of ripping and burning Quran manuscripts while performing a “religious […]

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President Obama Hosts Ramadan Iftar Dinner



White House Ramadan Iftar Dinner, President George W. Bush, Photo by Jason Reed (Reuters)

Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-Chief Last Modified: 22:22 PM EDT, 10 August 2012 Tonight President Barak Obama is hosting his fourth Iftar dinner at the White House to honor Muslims celebrating Ramadan. It is a tradition begun under President Bill Clinton and maintained by President George Bush during his eight-year presidency. The dinner will be presented in […]

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Ramadan Kareem 2012 | Post Arab Springs



Ramadan Kareem, Photo by Bourne Bedweey

Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-Chief Last Modified: 01:58 AM EDT, 20 July 2012 MIDDLE EAST, ASIA, & AFRICA – Across the globe 1 billion Muslims have begun to celebrate Ramadan 2012 which will start on Friday, the 20th of July and will continue until Saturday, the 18th of August. For the next 30 days, Muslims are required […]

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Muslims & Jews Unite Against German Circumcision Ban



Israeli Doctor's Perform Adult Male Brit Milah, Photo by Israel 21c Internal

Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-Chief Last Modified: 22:58 PM EDT, 13 July 2012 COLOGNE, Germany – On 29 June 2012 a doctor in Cologne circumcised a 4-year old Muslim boy at the behest of his parents. His family is part of a community of 120,000 Muslims who inhabit the region and practice Khitan, the Islamic rite of […]

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