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Meet Our Journalists



Blogger, Photo by Amick Man

Ayanna Nahmias is the Editor-in-Chief. She is passionate about international affairs, geopolitics, and human rights and writes articles with an emphasis on women’s rights and child advocacy. She is working on her first novel and was interviewed about growing up in Africa as the daughter of a radical, Islamist expatriate on Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Click […]

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WHO, West African Ministers of Health Develop Ebola Strategy



Field Testing Ebola Prevention Posters, Photo by UNICEF Liberia

Sarah Joanne Jakubowski, Ghana Correspondent Last Modified: 13:50 p.m. DST, 07 July 2014 ACCRA, Ghana — Last week an Emergency Ministerial Meeting was held in Accra to discuss the growing Ebola epidemic. The disease, which can have up to a 90% fatality rate, started in rural Guinea then spread to neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone. […]

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Is Clean Water Technology a Solution for Africa?



Drinking PUR, Photo by Greg Allgood

Sarah Joanne Jakubowski, Africa Correspondent Last Modified: 21:25 p.m. DST, 30 June 2014 GHANA, Accra — Earlier this month, Medwyn Jacobs, CEO of New and Master Technologies (N&M) once again presented at Annual Ghana National Health Environment and Safety (NAHES) Conference where he reintroduced N&M’s water harvesting machine that can take water out of the […]

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International Volunteers Series: Healthcare Workers in Maridi, South Sudan



Theresa Kiblinger and Ariel Zarate, Volunteers in Maridi, South Sudan

Olivia Elswick, Asia Correspondent Last Modified: 08:07 a.m. DST, 19 June 2014 MARIDI, South Sudan — For this edition of the international volunteer interview series, I spoke with Theresa Kiblinger and Ariel Zarate, American volunteers living in “the bush,” of Maridi, South Sudan. Despite South Sudan’s prevalence in international news these day, and obstacles like […]

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World Day Against Child Labor, 12 June 2014



Child Labor, Child Working, Photo by Zoriah

Sarah Joanne Jakubowski, Africa Correspondent Last Modified: 22:25 p.m. DST, 11 June 2014 World Day Against Child Labor, will be observed on 12 June 2014. It is the day to remember the millions of children throughout the world engaged in hard labor. These children sometimes work days spanning from 10 to 15 hours, which takes […]

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