"The Blonde, the Double Bass & the Microphone #5" by Sergio Bertolini July 27, 2015

Ayanna wrote an Op-Ed in The Forward magazine in which she speaks about the challenges faced by her biracial son. As a woman who has lived as a Muslim and a Jew, whose mother is Christian and an ordained Baptist minister, Ayanna knows the ease with which radicalism can separate us, and the power inherent in not succumbing to its allure. Her life demonstrates that we need not fear the other because we are the other.

Ayanna’s mother has always supported and defended her daughter as well as her efforts toward reconciliation and the healing of the world. A mission focused on a making a positive difference through understanding, knowledge, and love as the primary tools required to avoid the pitfalls of dogmatism and radicalism.

Spring 2006

Ayanna as interviewed about her life in Africa on Radio Netherlands Worldwide, in a segment titled “The Resilience of Mothers.”  She was contacted for the interview because the producers believed that her inspirational story was a perfect fit for the segment which features “first-person stories from around the world about human rights, human wrongs and how we treat each other.” Her story of survival and having surmounted great odds can be accessed through the link below. She was came to the attention of RNW as a consequence of her blogging, human rights and reconciliation work, and efforts to provide a voice to the voiceless while emphasizing humanity’s commonalities.

Listen to her interview below with Jonathan Groubert, the host of the award-winning radio program, The State We’re In on Radio Netherlands Worldwide is association with National Public Radio (NPR).

May 5, 2015

Austin BryanAustin Bryan joined The Nahmias Cipher Report as the Managing Editor. He brings a wealth of experience to the position, as he previously served as the Managing Editor of the Technician (2014-15). He served on the Technician editorial board for two years and co-authored editorials for the board on a variety of topics relating to higher education. This included editorials on topics such as free speech, hate crimes, campus racism, and adjunct professors.

Ayanna and Austin embrace the interconnectedness of all of humanity regardless of a person’s social, religious, sexual, or economic background, and strive through reporting to break down the barriers that separate people and groups.

They both share the values, commitment and dedication to producing timely reporting, as well as the ability to produce articles that provide a more balanced reporting by bringing a male and female perspective to social and geopolitical issues that concern all people.

As the Managing Editor, Austin provides additional oversight of all aspects of The Report including directing the journalist, managing content assignments and editing, and works in tandem with Ayanna to expand the global reach of The Report.  For more information about Austin please visit his biography page.

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  1. Kert Says:

    I’m not easily impressed. . . but the content of this website is quite impressive. Strong voice for women everywhere. Keep up the good work. :)


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