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Pakistani Elections: Uncertain, Yet Laudable Milestone



Will the PPP Survive, Photo by

Sam Hargadine, Contributor Last Modified: 13:40 p.m. DST, 03 April 2013 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – The smoke filled back-rooms of Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, would make even 1920s Chicago blush. Power is concentrated among a few connected families with long histories intertwined by periods of conflict and cooperation. Often times it seems the phrase, ‘the enemy of my enemy is […]

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American Constitution no longer the model for developing democracies



Tattered American Flag, Photo by John M. Cropper

Originally posted on The Deliberate Observer:
Sure, it is the nation’s founding document and sacred text. And it is the oldest written constitution still in force anywhere in the world. But its influence is waning. In 1987, on the Constitution’s bicentennial, Time magazine calculated that “of the 170 countries that exist today, more than 160 have written…

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Granny Porn in Kenya



Gabriel Wickbold Sexual Color Photo

After the release of information by the American government which claims that pornography was discovered on Osama Bin Laden’s computer, the idea of pornography in Islamic nations shouldn’t be strange. In fact, I wrote a post titled “Sex for Sale from Moldova to Dubai,” which deals with the topic of human trafficking and sex slaves from former Eastern Bloc countries who end up working across Europe and the Middle East.

But even researching these abuses I had never heard of “Granny Porn.” The term evoked an image of an elderly frail grandmother with white hair engaged in non-consensual sex. In fact, because of the lead-in I thought that Dr. Drew was going to focus on the issue of the rape of elderly women in nursing homes.

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Kabuki Theatre | Monster Ball Tour




This weekend HBO featured Lady Gaga’s ‘Monster Ball Tour.’ It was during a channel surfing session, that I happened upon the show midway through the concert. It was a captivating spectacle beyond belief. The costumery was so imaginative and outlandish I remained riveted to the program even though the music she was performing at that moment was difficult to hear and overshadowed by the choreography.

Earlier in the day news releases announced that Lady Gaga has more than 10 million followers on Facebook. According to the report, she beat out this era’s other most controversial, charismatic global personality, President Barak Obama by nearly 1 million followers.

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