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Pressures on the System Threaten the Wealthy’s Income Stream



Robert Reich tries to reach the mics, Photo by klutzykristie

Michael Ransom, Contributing Editor Last Modified: 02:47 p.m. DST, 4 June 2014 ROBERT REICH WEARS many hats. He is a professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. He brought his economic expertise to Republican Gerald Ford and Democrat Jimmy Carter’s administrations. As Secretary of Labor during Bill Clinton’s first stint in the White House, Reich […]

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Francisco Goya, the Social Revolutionist



Spanish Inquisition Photographic Depiction, Photo by Adrian Parker

Just as Johnson’s speech promoted the ideals of change and egalitarianism, many American’s hoped the current Obama administration would be able, in a few short months, to change the course of an American history built upon a foundation of inequity.

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Six more pieces of solid cinema from the cinephile circuit



Vintage 8mm Movie Camera, Photo by Cuba Gallery

Originally posted on Curnblog:
The Melbourne International Film Festival has come to an end, and I’m left with copious notes on films that I’ve yet to fully review. While I attempt to readjust to the horrible glare of sunlight and real life, and before I put together a few long-form reviews of some of the…

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Tarsem Singh | The Fall



The Fall Close-Up Still, Photo by Tarsem Singh

Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-Chief Last Modified: 00:45 AM EDT, 13 June 2012 Tarsem Singh, 51, born in Jalandhar, Punjab to a Punjabi Sikh family, is the acclaimed director of The Cell, and has created in his movie The Fall, a moving and seamless portrait of mundane life in a 1915 Los Angeles hospital inhabited by rich […]

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Skin Color Wars



Skin Color of Black Women, Photo by Jueseppi Baker

Originally posted on qãhırıï:
Dark-skinned women- of all races- are portrayed as ugly, dumb, miserable & as sexual objects. Why? And what are the implications? Did you watch the above video?  If you didn’t, go back and watch it, it’s important… Black women are ugly, dumb and only good for sex.  White women…

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