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Bab’Aziz in the Desert | Sufism



Sufi Dervish

A truly powerful movie that is metaphoric and profound on so many levels. Words fail to capture the depth of longing portrayed by the principal character of this film who is the veritable “everyman” calling out to the great unknown for guidance, support, and assistance. As an artist and a deeply spiritual person the other worldliness and mysticism experienced by the characters in this film transcend man made boundaries to emote true connection to the “unseen” that binds us all.

In a time of deep divides along geographical, political and religious lines, it is important for people to remember that ultimately these factions and the resultant conflicts have been a facet of humanity since its beginning. Therefore, we should not define ourselves by this our greatest failing, instead we should strive to identify the communality of our experiences, our humanity, and our intrinsic need to understand from whence we came and to where we return.

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Rai | Arabic Music 



Cheb Khaled Performing in Oran, July 5th 2011

North African and Middle Eastern Diaspora music videos featuring Rai and traditional Arabic musical styles. Also, featured are contemporary Arabic music by Egyptian and Turkish female singers. These videos display the diversity of Muslim people and the role of women in that society.

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