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The Natural Rebellion


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Wild Animals and Humans, Photo by Molly Radigan

Chrycka Harper, Poet & Literary Critic Last Modified: 01:57 a.m. DST, 28 February 2014 Sunshine’s rays gleam off the cold metal cage of the world’s favorite baby panda, Bao Bao. Nestled within fake vegetation resembling a panda’s natural habitat, the baby panda willingly participates in the scientists’ daily lesson plan. An audience of thousands venture […]

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Come Play the Color Game



Different Color Blank Faces, Photo by Frankenwah

Chrycka Harper, Poet & Literary Critic Last Modified: 23:13 p.m. DST, 11 February 2014 Dear Jo, We have known each other for quite some time. I think this is the perfect opportunity to tell you how I feel about you. However, I want to make this interesting. Instead of me revealing to you my physical […]

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What’s For Dinner? Medicare



Pill on Plate, Fork & Knife, Photo by Sean McGrath

Chrycka Harper, Poet & Literary Critic Last Modified: 00:44 a.m. DST, 16 January 2014 The following prose was inspired by the enactment of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act. Dear Journal, Today, Jamesha, Wei, Spirit, and José came over to play. We played Hide & Seek, Tag, Red Rover, and a lot more […]

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Stop Hitting Myself



Two Female Students, Merrimack College

Chrycka Harper, Poet & Literary Critic Last Modified: 00:00 a.m. DST, 19 December 2013 Brush off the lint Fix collar Smile but not too much Walk normally but don’t make strides too long or too short Don’t think about how restricting the business attire is, it will show on your face Don’t sweat about not […]

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Lost in the Machine | Metropolis



Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" 1927

We must not define ourselves by freedom from religion, from abuse, from rape, from derision. From societal norms, from conformance, from acceptable compliance. From race, from the accident of geographical happenstance of birth or of life whether lived extraordinarily or pedestrian, with unsung aplomb, or within the rarefied strata of the new minted pantheon of ‘celebrity’ deities.

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