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Plight of Sex Slaves From Moldova to Dubai



Sex For Sale in Middle East

Sex for sale from Moldova to Dubai. Mimi Chakarova tells a powerful story through photos and in the words of the victims of this heinous crime. The booming “Sex Tourism” industry is no longer a threat to women and children in remote, impoverished countries, it is a plague that is infecting all countries. The men and women who abuse and use other human beings for their own sexual gratification do not live in isolation. They could be and probably are someone to whom you are married and sleep with, or with whom you work or attend religious functions, or who educates your children. We must be more vigilant in trying to stem the tide of this worldwide crisis.

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FBI Arrest 159, Rescue 105 Child Prostitutes in Largest Anti-Trafficking Operation



FBI Arrest, Rob Lau Photography

Dario Macieira, Staff Writer Last Modified: 01:02 a.m. DST, 31 July 2013 WASHINGTON − In a three-day nation-wide sweep, members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in conjunction with other local, state, and federal officers, arrested 159 pimps and rescued 105 juvenile victims of forced prostitution. The action, named “Operation Cross Country VII”, has been […]

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Girls Escape 10-Year Captivity and Rape by Castro



Amanda Berry, Ohio Kidnap Victim, Pictured with Mother and Daughter, Photo Courtesy of WOIO TV

Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-Chief Last Modified: 01:28 a.m. EDT, 09 May 2013 CLEVELAND, Ohio – Raped, starved, beaten, and kept in chains for over 10-years, three young women were rescued on Monday thanks to the bravery of one of the victims, Amanda Berry, and the heroic efforts of a neighbor, Charles Ramsey. Ariel Castro, 52, who […]

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Sayeedi Death Sentence Sparks Bloody Bangladesh Riots



Awami Police Arrest Protestor

Sam Hargadine, Contributor Last Modified: 11:50 a.m. DST, 15 March 2013 DHAKA, Bangladesh – Reconciliation can be decades long affair; thus 42 years later, Bangladesh is still exercising the ghosts of its War of Liberation. The ‘International Crimes Tribunal’ is currently trying men accused of atrocities during the 1971 war with Pakistan. Then known as […]

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Thailand’s Human Trafficking Record



Human Trafficking, Photo by Safe House International

Sam Hargadine, Contributor Last Modified: 14:48 p.m. EDT, 7 March 2013 BANGKOK – Thailand and America are bracing for an awkward situation. In June, the US State Department will release its annual human trafficking report. In this year’s release it is widely believed that Thailand may be relegated to the 3rd tier watch list. In other […]

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