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Generation Z, Tobacco Free?



Smoking Dude, Photo by Michiel S

Michael Ransom, Contributing Editor Last Modified: 11:45 p.m. DST, 8 July 2014 UNITED KINGDOM — Could the generation born after the year 2000 be the first generation in the Western world to be cigarette free? Doctors throughout the United Kingdom are hoping so. The British Medical Association (BMA) has voted in favor of a law […]

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Omani Woman Nora Al-Daher, Gambled and Lost £2m in One Night, then Refuses to Pay Casino



Casino III, Gambling Chips, Photo by Mike Jack

UNITED KINGDOM, London – There is such a thing as gambling addiction, problem gambling, or ludomania which is the urge to continuously gamble despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. Pathological gambling is considered by the American Psychiatric Association to be an impulse control disorder rather than an addiction. However, for the DSM […]

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Will Scotland Choose Independence?



Scotland, Inverary Castle, Photo by Rolf Bach

Michael Ransom, Contributing Editor Last Modified: 10:42 a.m. DST, 9 June 2014 GLASGOW, Scotland — The Scottish referendum on independence will take place 18 September 2014. If 40% of the population in Scotland vote in favor of separation, Scotland will be an autonomous nation once again, following 300 years of political fusion with Great Britain. […]

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Amid Corruption Scandal, Venice is Drowning



Venècia, Photo by MorBCN

Allyson Cartwright, Contributing Journalist Last Modified: 15:24 p.m. DST, 07 June 2014 VENICE, Italy— Climate change and political corruption are drowning the city of Venice. As high tides flooded the city Wednesday, Mayor Giorgio Orsoni of Venice was placed under house arrest. According to the ANSA News Agency, Orsoni is officially accused of corruption, extortion and […]

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ICC to Investigate Alleged British War Crimes



ICC's New Deputy Prosecutor James Stewart sworn in by International Criminal Court (ICC), Photo Courtesy of International Criminal Court

Sarah Joanne Jakubowski, Contributing Journalist Last Modified: 22:17 p.m. DST, 14  May 2014 The International Criminal Court (ICC) will launch a preliminary investigation of alleged war crimes committed by British troops during the years of 2003 – 2008. The claim being analyzed is that there were 52 cases of unlawful killing and more than 170 […]

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