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Social Media Bans Persist in Turkey



Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Photo by cvrcak1

Allyson Cartwright, Contributing Journalist Last Modified: 15:33 p.m. DST, 10 April 2014 TURKEY, Ankara – First Twitter and now YouTube, social media platforms in Turkey are continually being banned by the Turkish Telecommunications Authority. This latest YouTube ban comes after a video posted on March 27 on the site that is supposedly of an audio […]

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Plight of Sex Slaves From Moldova to Dubai



Sex For Sale in Middle East

Sex for sale from Moldova to Dubai. Mimi Chakarova tells a powerful story through photos and in the words of the victims of this heinous crime. The booming “Sex Tourism” industry is no longer a threat to women and children in remote, impoverished countries, it is a plague that is infecting all countries. The men and women who abuse and use other human beings for their own sexual gratification do not live in isolation. They could be and probably are someone to whom you are married and sleep with, or with whom you work or attend religious functions, or who educates your children. We must be more vigilant in trying to stem the tide of this worldwide crisis.

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Istanbul Fashion Week



Ameera Fashions

Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-Chief Last Modified: 22:37 PM EDT, 21 April 2010 ISTANBUL, Turkey – Often when people think of Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country, the idea of fashion does not readily come to mind.  However, the 2010 Spring Season Fashion show in Istanbul, Turkey should have dispelled this misconception.  Turkey has become the new centre […]

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Rai | Arabic Music 



Cheb Khaled Performing in Oran, July 5th 2011

North African and Middle Eastern Diaspora music videos featuring Rai and traditional Arabic musical styles. Also, featured are contemporary Arabic music by Egyptian and Turkish female singers. These videos display the diversity of Muslim people and the role of women in that society.

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