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Oswaldo Payá, Cuban Activist Dies Suspiciously



Oswaldo Payá, Photo by

Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-Chief Last Modified: 00:12 AM EDT, 24 July 2012 HAVANA, Cuba – Oswaldo Payá, 60, a prominent Cuban dissident and pro-democracy campaigner died when his car was struck on Sunday, 22 July 2012. Of the three passengers accompanying him, two were uninjured, but Harold Cepero, 31, a fellow activists also perished. Payá, a […]

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Cuba & US Foreign Intervention in sub-Sahara Africa


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Santiago de Cuba - Garde au Mausolée José Marti

Originally posted on Katie Chapman:
This past December I wrote a paper and conducted some research for my Master’s in International Relations.  The topic compared foreign policy and intervention in Africa by the United States and Cuba.  After somewhat thorough research, I was left with mostly biased opinions produced from each state regarding its foreign…

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Cesaria Evora | Celia Cruz | Mama Afrika



Cesaria Evora @ Sziget-2007, Photo by Alex Ivanov

In Tanzania and Nigeria where I grew up, “everyone is an artist because art in Africa is not a commercial enterprise but is part of life itself.” This is true of all the disciplines, sculpture, art, and music; however, unlike sculpture and art, music is immediately accessible. Whether the vocalist sings in Xhosa, Portuguese or French the listener comprehends the essence of these songs. Music is the lyre of our souls and though there are many great voices that hail from all parts of the Diaspora, for me these matriarchs of Africa have created a lasting legacy capable of transporting us from the ennui of our daily existence to the coasts of Cape Verde, the sensuality of Cuba, the heart of a South African township, or to the vaulted halls and stages of Paris, France.

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