LOVE is……..

Chrycka Harper, Poet & Literary Critic
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What is the Key to my Heart, Photo by Alessio FeciI pray
that LOVE is understood
by the lover’s eternal heart’s beloved,
no matter the speciality of the lover’s craftsmanship.

Everyday, we present to each other locked packages,
specialized by their beholders.
Mine comes in a medium sized, cold metal box.
Gray with swirls of turquoise and lavendar
And sugary sprinkles of tangerine;
all surrounding the one key hole.

Only a few people in this world
have ever touched this box,
fewer have gotten the key,
and even fewer have understood to use the key to unlock the box
to unleash its contents:
my LOVE.

Two of those people are
my Momma and my little brother-
Brown Sugar and my little colored boy.

Brown Sugar!
Don’t ever lose your flavor.
Amateurs always aiming to annihilate your flavorful accent
their heat drives them out of the kitchen…
So don’t ever leave the kitchen…

And my little colored boy.
Hands academically shackled so you can only listen to your muffled potential.
Schools teaching you how to type your prison numbers
So when do you have the time to draw our freedom?

After the video games…
Draw the next best game
Draw the sheep that you count
Draw the food that starving children should eat
Keep going!
Your humility and wittiness will carry you.

My routine may not be warm embraces
the contents that surrounded you
from the box I presented to you

is the universal, spiritual embrace
we all relish in.
It is up to the receivers
to find the key of understanding:
that LOVE also comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

I pray
that LOVE is understood
by the lover’s eternal heart’s beloved
no matter the speciality of the lover’s craftsmanship.

I pray
that my audience
understands my love for them
through this story.


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A Psychology Bachelor of Science candidate attending Howard University, Chrycka Harper was born and raised in Wichita, KS. Her interests include verbal and written storytelling, cooking/eating, and reading about news, culture, and history. She aims to pursue a research career in Cultural Neuroscience studying common neuropathology within African Americans and the African diaspora.

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One Comment on “LOVE is……..”

  1. piyushpujara Says:

    Hey dear friend good explanation about love.. cool Post.. :)


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