Boko Haram Massacres Nigerian Worshippers

KOGI, Nigeria – On Sunday, 5 August 2012, in Oak Creek, a town in America in the Midwest State of Wisconsin, Wade Michael Page attacked a Sikh temple killing 6 people before being shot and killed.

On Monday, 6 August 2012, in an eerily similar attack half-way across the world, another house of worship was attacked and 19 people were killed, including the pastor of the church by radical Islamist extremist.

Killing people based upon religion, or rather one’s interpretation of religion is detestable. As is killing people based upon race, sex, political views or sexual orientation. This post provides insight into this deadly phenomena which seems to be proliferating.

sharia unveiled

Death toll rises in Deeper Life church massacre

The death toll in the church massacre in Kogi State has increased to 19, the police said on Tuesday.


Monday night, unidentified gunmen stormed the Deeper Life Church in Okene, during a service, killing 15 people on the spot and leaving many other worshippers injured.

One of the worshippers died on the way to hospital in Lokoja on Monday night, while another three died on Tuesday.

“The attack occurred at 8:20 pm on Monday night. The attack was from unknown gunmen at the Deeper Life Church,” said Lt. Col. Gabriel Olorunyomi, head of a military task force in Kogi.

“They were doing their normal Monday evening service. When we went there we discovered the church had been attacked. Instantly we saw 15 people dead, including the pastor,” he said.

The military has since learned that an additional four people had died from their injuries, Olorunyomi explained.

The National Emergency…

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One Comment on “Boko Haram Massacres Nigerian Worshippers”

  1. eof737 Says:

    Prayers and heartfelt condolences to all… WE need more tolerance and compassion in our world… :-(


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