Are all Men Pedophiles (Trailer)

This is MY Soapbox

Are all men pedophiles? Of course not! But this is the recent subject of a documentary.

I’ll let you watch the trailer.

The trailer isn’t bringing up any facts that would change my mind. Just because models start off their careers at the age of 16 doesn’t imply that all men are pedophiles nor does it imply that “society” is making them pedophiles. It actually suggests that the modeling industry is managed by pedophiles (men and women).  I guess we will have to wait until the documentary comes out.

I believe our society has a morbid love-affair with the “youthful look”…the “forever-young” syndrome. We buy products to reverse or stop us from aging. We have products to dye-out grey hairs. We even have creams to “remove the signs of aging”.  But does that lead to pedophilia? I don’t think so. It simply shows our society’s fear of aging.

Again, I’ll…

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One Comment on “Are all Men Pedophiles (Trailer)”

  1. Shakti Ghosal Says:

    Truly this is food for thought. Though I may not agree with some of the premises.




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