Sade, Timeless

Ayanna Nahmias, Editor-in-Chief
Last Modified: 13:30 PM EDT, 27 April 2012
First Published: 15:03 PM EDT, 15 January 2010

Sade, Photo by OutkastedLONDON, England – Helen Folasade Adu “Sade”, 53, who was born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, has come out with a follow-up single to “Soldier of Love,” aptly titled “Love is Found.” It is amazing to watch and listen to a woman who has been performing since 1984, and whose musical style has remained consistently outstanding and timeless.

I think in part her longevity is due to the private nature of her life, as it seems she has wisely chosen to focus her public persona entirely on her music. But for a brief moment when she experienced a terribly painful breakup, this seems little more than a blip compared to the drama that regularly plays out in the tabloids and news media about today’s “musicians.”

Sade is a songstress, an artist who harkens back to vocalist like Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, to name a few. Women who inhabited their talent with grace and class. We have chosen to update this post because of the recent news comparing Sade to Adele, another British superstar, and rumors of another album release.

Sade’s soulful renderings come from a place borne of the experiences of a woman who has known and lost love, who is daughter and mother, who has navigated the complexities of a heritage that is both African and European, and who has passed through the agonies of heartbreak and pain played out in the public domain.

Her commitment to her music is what continues to draw fans to listen to and buy her music which has remained relevant even with a nine-year hiatus. She is the epitome of a true artist who is beholden first and foremost to their craft.

She possesses the patience to await the muse of inspiration that has once again enabled her to deliver a song that is “classic,” evocative, and boldly revealing. She remains an inspiration to those of us who seek to live boldly without artifice, to display without sentiment our triumphs and foibles, and to experience the spectrum of emotional interactions that makes us uniquely human.

Music video by Sade performing Love Is Found. (c) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Music video by Sade performing Soldier Of Love (c) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Watch the making of “Soldier Of Love” below.

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8 Comments on “Sade, Timeless”

  1. mcfsantos Says:

    Reblogged this on nós and commented:
    A great post on dearest timeless Sade Adu!


  2. mcfsantos Says:

    Great post!

    Thanks for sharing it! Thanks for highlighting Sade… She deserves it!
    It’s very hard to find such an artist, so incredibly devoted to her work as part of herself. Her music is all her body, mind and soul.



    • Ayanna Nahmias Says:

      Thank you so much for visiting and for your effusive review of the post. Appreciate the reblog and look forward to dropping by your blog often. Be well. :-)


      • mcfsantos Says:

        You’re welcome!

        The pleasure was all mine!
        I’ve been Sade’s fan for so long, but sometimes I forget for how long! :-) And yesterday you made me think about it and it was great… Since 1987, my first year at University.
        25 years later, it’s not that often that one keeps on enjoying (loving!) the same singer / musician / music type/ songs!!! Ok, it may happen that you like to listen to one or two once in a while just to remember this or that, one night out after an exam, the guy you fell in love with, the heartbreak you were mending, the joy you felt for being free, etc etc etc. But most songs and singers you simply stop listening as time goes by. You become more selective and demanding. However Sade belongs to my favourite list, to those I keep on listening with great pleasure. The “timeless” Sade, as you called her.




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