Slavery by Another Name | Preview | PBS

We have chosen to reblog this post because the blog on which this was originally featured, DJ Academe, provides a wealth of knowledge and challenges our perspectives through the use of video.

There were so many good posts that it was hard to choose one to reblog; however, we eventually chose to this post because American slaves originated from Africa which is a dominant focus of The Nahmias Cipher Report.

DJ Academe is a blog well worth perusing. It is not just about racism in America or elsewhere, it is about Human Rights. They challenge our notions of gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. and are definitely succeeding in ‘Teaching Sociology Through Video.’

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Ayanna Nahmias was interviewed on Radio Netherlands Worldwide program titled 'The State We’re In,' about her life in Africa and her determination to transcend her past. She started the Nahmias Cipher Report to provide information to readers about life in emerging economies, and to provide alternative insight into the challenges faced by women and children living in these countries. The blog features stories from around the world to inspire other people to persevere and triumph in the face of great adversity. She blogs about current events in emerging economies, international politics, human rights abuses, women’s rights and child advocacy.

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4 Comments on “Slavery by Another Name | Preview | PBS”

  1. ratzone Says:

    thk for this suggestion:) it s unhuman:)


    • Betty Londergan Says:

      Saw this powerful documentary, my husband blogged about it, and it’s essential viewing in my opinion .. plus, it leads directly to present-day questions about our incarceration rates, and what they are really meant to do … i.e. lock away & disenfranchise black men. The shameful period in America goes on and on…


      • Ayanna Nahmias Says:

        Betty, you are so right! This has been a long running play full of bad actors and a great deal of denial. You are absolutely correct that this has been a systematic and well-calculated assault on black men in this country. The privatization of the prison system has turned this human rights abuse into big business without the any pretense of rehabilitation. Please reply back with a link to your husband’s blog and his post. I would love to watch the movie and I am sure other readers would as well.


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