Just A Snip. Now Overreact.

The Case Against Intactivism

I have two blog posts planned for the night.  I think I’ll go ahead and start on one of the most ridiculous claims put forth by intactivists.  One that’s roundly mocked by pretty much anyone with two braincells to rub together.

There’s an oft-posted blog about  a baby girl from Malaysia’s circumcision.  In the blog, photos of the baby girl are shown, and then a couple of photos of the almost invisible piece of tissue removed from her clitoris.  Is it something I’d do, or enjoy or necessarily support?  No.  But you can’t tell me that taking a piece of flesh smaller than this hyphen (-) is worse and more damaging than what’s done to a boy during circumcision.  You also can’t tell me that a clitordectomy,  the most common form of female genital cutting (which involves the removal of all or part of the clitoris, eliminating about 75% of…

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About Ayanna Nahmias

Ayanna Nahmias was interviewed on Radio Netherlands Worldwide program titled 'The State We’re In,' about her life in Africa and her determination to transcend her past. She started the Nahmias Cipher Report to provide information to readers about life in emerging economies, and to provide alternative insight into the challenges faced by women and children living in these countries. The blog features stories from around the world to inspire other people to persevere and triumph in the face of great adversity. She blogs about current events in emerging economies, international politics, human rights abuses, women’s rights and child advocacy.

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5 Comments on “Just A Snip. Now Overreact.”

  1. Robert Moores Says:

    Actually my favorite take on this is the second article in the “Related Articles” from freethoughtblog. I frequently wonder if people like Dr. Haamid al-Ghawaabi can hear themselves when they say stupid things like that.

    I realize what a spoiled American I am when I read things like this and say to myself: “People really DO THIS?” I like what you’re doing with the Cipher Report – keep up the great (and eye-opening) work!


  2. raburcke Says:

    I started to go for the like-button, but I stopped, because it felt immoral. I agree unequivocally that this must be put an end to though!


    • Ayanna Nahmias Says:

      Totally understand. It is not anything that we should ‘Like,’ but I found his take on the matter engaging. Had to read it three times before I realized that he was not writing in support of this abhorrent practice. I seek to make people take pause and think, and I know this article did this for me, and I hope for other readers as well.


      • Paper0Airplane Says:

        I’m actually a female. But thanks. My blog was not written in support of the practice of FGM or FGC, but rather, to point out how horrific it is, and how comparisons to RIC (routine infant circumcision) in this country are ridiculous. Sometimes it can be comparable (the mild formed showcased in that blog), but most of the time it simply is not. What is done to women in Africa and the Middle East is so much more damaging than the typical RIC performed in the US.

        Thank you for your support of my article. My position on RIC is fairly nuanced, so I appreciate your comment, Ayanna.


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