Ethiopian Music Videos

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Ayanna Nahmias was interviewed on Radio Netherlands Worldwide program titled 'The State We’re In,' about her life in Africa and her determination to transcend her past. She started the Nahmias Cipher Report to provide information to readers about life in emerging economies, and to provide alternative insight into the challenges faced by women and children living in these countries. The blog features stories from around the world to inspire other people to persevere and triumph in the face of great adversity. She blogs about current events in emerging economies, international politics, human rights abuses, women’s rights and child advocacy.

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3 Comments on “Ethiopian Music Videos”

  1. Meron Says:

    Digging your selection of the music videos, Ayanna, my appreciation for sharing this…


  2. ብልልይ ። ግምብለ (Billy Gambela) Says:

    Salamm alaykum = ሳላአም አላይኩ , Hotep ! = ሆተፕ , Shalom ! = ስሃሎም and Greetings …

    Me and my family just recently discovered our Amhara/Habesha Lineage .

    My daughter name is Ayanna Bria አያንና ብሪአ..

    I love the Blog !!I love the Music !!

    ቢልልይ ። ግምብለ


    • Ayanna Nahmias Says:

      Betam amesegënallô. Asante sana. Todah rabah. Merci beaucoup.

      I really appreciate your comments and your support of my blog. I added your blog as a link to mine because I like your subject matter. Very interesting indeed. I look forward to reading more.

      Be well,


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